Uigea Rules

A multitude of casino games can be found at the casinojeux.com portal! Visit the casino en ligne francais page! UIGEA rules seem to be receiving frequent makeovers since they were enacted; or maybe we should say the makeovers are geared towards ridding the rules of their harsh legislative measures against online gambling. And the republicans of the US Senate are the ones on the war front for this one; just the other day Senator Robert Menendez proposed another bill, Internet Game Licensing and Control Act, which is designed to define a few online games as skill games and thus should be governed by a different set of rules.

Some of the games in play here are mahjong, bridge and games like poker. Upon the success of this bill, the US Treasury Department will have to issue license permits only to online casinos that will meet a specific criteria the new bill sets. Furthermore, any gambling Company that wills to get the license will have to provide a detailed structure of their corporation plus proof that they have enough experience in handling Skill games. Adding to this, the online casinos must also prove they can prevent gambling addictions plus kids accessing their sites.

Senator MenendezÂ' bill will also define the Skill games as the only legal games to be provided by casinos and those casinos found operating illegally will be fined or face a closure. Online sports betting will also be ruled out if this bill becomes successful. The New Jersey Senator claims the UIGEA rules are not reasonable in their ruling and this new bill is a revision of the old rules.

Unlike the UIGEA rules, the Internet Game Licensing and Control Act will have the efficacy to protect US gamblers when playing in online casinos. Moreover, the Skill games will completely be governed by this bill and wonÂ't have to go through the Language section of the UIGEA rules, like the Wire Act enacted in 1961.

Though the new bill is a breather from the UIGEA harshness, it was put on hold till the US Government solved the economic problems currently being faced. The hold came about when the $700 billion bailout plan was put across to save USA from an economic crush.